TTA Lossless Audio Codec - Implementation

Software and hardware support of True Audio (TTA) lossless audio codec

The True Audio (TTA) - is currently the only lossless codec that accomodates the possibility of real-time hardware encoding. TTA offers the best performance of any of the lossless codecs that support hardware playback. Do you own a media player that supports firmware upgrades, but does not currently offer TTA playback? If so, please contact your manufacturer’s customer service to request and recommend TTA lossless audio format support.

Our free Offer to Hardware Manufacturers

We encourage collaboration, and welcome request to help improve your products, by adding support for the popular TTA format. Please see our development library for hardware players, which is available on the Project download page. We can provide any technical help for format implementation. Our contact e-mail address:

True Audio Software

The True Audio (TTA) is a royalty-free open audio format. The Tau Software development team licenses all of the TTA development libraries, under the LGPL. Because of this, TTA lossless audio format widely supported by many different software products. TTA lossless audio format is free to use and the technical specifications are available for private and commercial use. There is no cost to use the components as long as you respect the license it is released under.

True Audio Hardware

We are proud to present the set of multimedia players which supports the True Audio lossless audio codec format.

As a result of fruitful cooperation with the American company Syabas Technology and South Korean companies Cowon Systems and ICONBIT, TTA format support was implemented in lot of hardware media players, manufactured by these companies. Here the few of models of media players with True Audio (TTA) format support, produced by the firms listed above:

Various forms of digital audio players includes TTA support using Rockbox open-source firmware replacement. Rockbox runs on a wide variety of portable audio devices with very different hardware abilities. Please see the complete list of Rockbox supported hardware at