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TAU checker - audio records authenticity detector

TAU checker (aucdtect) - is a free console program for determining the authenticity of CD musical records (16bit/44.1KHz), stored in WAV format, using the character of the audio information it contains, and predict its possible source - is it an original CD record (CDDA) or a reconstruction from a lossy encoded data (for example, MP3). Console app. Freeware.

Program version0.8.3
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TAU CD analyzer - CD authenticity detector

Tau Analyzer Main WindowTAU CD analyzer (Tau Analyzer) - is a free program, which can help you to distinguish with reasonable accuracy the original studio-based CDs from poor quality fakes, that have been "reconstructed" using a lossy audio source, such as MP3. Using this program you can check the authenticity of your purchased or borrowed music CDs. Tau Analyzer features an intuitive user interface, allowing users to work directly with audio CDs, and has some additional functions such as a Spectrum and Frequency analyzers, ATIP and ISRC data readers, etc.

TAU CD analyzer employs the original algorithm used by our popular console utility, aucdtect, the audio records authenticity detector. Whereas aucdtect uses WAV files data, from a command line, Tau Analyzer features a graphical interface, allowing users to maximize the capabilities that aucdtect has to offer, by working directly with audio CDs.

Program version1.2
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